Top 10 of the most powerful magicians who have fallen on our screen

There are many ways movies entertain usone of which is to introduce Magic. We get these awesome characters who have amazing powers and abilities to do things that an ordinary human cannot do.

Whether this is the purpose of this Magic is to acquire more Powerful, wealthand knowledge or harming someone the characters perceive as an enemy, we always love entertainment and yearn for more.

This article ranked the mighty mages who have paraded on our TV and showed us only the most incredible supernatural powers.. Evil or not, they certainly gave us something interesting to tell.

Here are the most powerful magicians to ever grace our screen.

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10) Queen Ravenna (Snow White and the Huntsman)

Ravenna was also known as Evil Queen, who was cruel and ruled evil. Besides being naughty, she was also very powerful and was a thorn in the flesh for White as snow. This wicked queen thought she was the most beautiful of all, but she magic mirror proved her wrong and revealed to her that the fairest of them all was Snow White. This revelation did it envious and determined to kill Snow White. Ravenna also possesses dark powers, which she had hidden up her sleeve. She had super control over life and death.

Ravenna could also transform into any form she desired aside from her power to be invisible.

9) Bavmorda (willow)

The character of Bavmorda is a witch queen who got betrothed to the Crown Prince at a young age, just to have it killed alongside his in-laws and start building it Empire. The Ruthless Queen had his subject in fear while using dark magic to keep all of his enemies under control. She could turn an enemy into an animal and throw people into the air. In the end, despite his powers, Bavmorda obtained deceived and was destroyed by the part it has made for itself.

8) Eisenheim (the illusionist)

Eisenheim is the eldest of four childrenand to 17he got pretty good with cabinetmaking. By chance, he comes across a traveling magicianand this meeting with the Wizard nurtured his passion for Magic. This illusionist embraced his passion slowly while continuing to be known for making cabinetry. However, at 28he exploded on stage with all his vigor and appeared in front of a theater in Vienna.

Eisemheim was known for his mastery of the daytime illusion. As he progressed in his career, his illusion became more attractive and attracted the public. He made money from his popularity so people think of him as a wizard instead of someone who sold his soul to the devil for power.

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7) The Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch happens to be the most powerful being in the marvel universe. She has no limit to how she can alter reality. She changed reality, so her children remained in existence, but then changed reality when her dreams did not come true. In one sentence, More mutantsshe could annihilate a few Mutants from existing.

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6) Glinda (Oz the Great and Mighty)

Glindaa beautiful lady, is simply a good witch who ruled over a very peaceful kingdom filled with easygoing and kind people. Glinda was a compassionate witch filled with kindness for his people. Despite her kindness, she was a fierce protector of his people and would do everything in his power to ensure that his people are protected. This maid with was also very powerful, and she helped ounces realize his true destiny.

5) Gandalf (Lord of the Rings)

This is another magical character that has graced our screen. He marched like someone with extremely powerful magic. He experienced a transformation from Gandalf the Great at Gandalf the white, and this transformation can easily be read as a story of resurrection. Gandalf’s transformation also marked the taking of Saruman’s Palace as Chief Sorcerer. Gandalf is the only character who seeks to end Sauron, and the transformation he undergoes grants him more power than before.

4) Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (Seeker Legend)

While he was still a child, Zeddicus was taught by his father how to use his Wizard Powers during training. He became one of the most powerful wizards alive and was well respected by other magicians he fell on. He possessed the power to draw a wizard’s fire into his handsand that fire was hot enough to burn many people and creatures. With his magic, Zeddicus could also freeze objects in ice and create a invisible shield that protects him from attacks from someone with magic and non-magical spells. Zeddicus, with his magiccould do things float and sweep people off their feet. He was pretty smart too.

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3) Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)

He was also known as Tom Riddle. He happens to be one of Hogwarts’ top graduate students as the most dangerous dark wizard of all time. Before being honored with this title, he was known for terrorize his fellow orphans displaying the magic that was disturbing and at the same time, Impressive. He was a very bright student at Hogwartsbut he became so obsessed and consumed by black magic. He became the only wizard to create multiple Horcruxes to achieve immortality. His arrogance and inability to love others caused him to be defeated by Harry Potter, who also happens to be the one who fulfilled the prophecy of Voldemort’s defeat.

2) Ciri (The Witcher)

The Witcher movie character. She is the lady of space and time and also the one who uses its more magic in the movie. His magic is unquestionably impressiveas she could teleport, travel quickly to the other world, and control magic on a deeper level. She is also the last heiress of the Elder Blood; therefore, she was able to use magic convincingly.

1) Merlin (Merlin)

The character Merlinneeds no introduction. Merlin is a character who could undoubtedly pass for one of the best magicians who has ever graced our screen. The movie he starred in, titled ‘Merlin’, came at a time when magic movies weren’t too popular..

In the film, Merlin is a young wizard who must use his magical powers to protect the Prince of Camelot., even at the risk of losing his life. From the start of the film, Merlin presented himself as the most powerful character with the most powerful magic. From his appearance, he appeared ordinary in the film, but with its magiche overcame many witches who sought to commit suicide in order to reign over Camelot.

Which of these mages happens to be your favorite? These magicians had fascinating powersand we have been deeply involved in the growth of their character.

Don’t agree with my list? Let me know in the comments section.

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