Trent James presents an interactive digital magic show for students – Grand Valley Lanthorn

Haunted Week at Grand Valley State University wraps up October and gets students in the mood for a spooky season. The week-long celebration began on Tuesday, October 27 with magician and comedian Trent James performing an interactive magic show via Zoom.

GVSU students had the opportunity to register to watch the show online. From 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., those present were entertained by a talented and well-known magician in the university market.

During the hour-long performance, James performed tricks and illusions, and even taught attendees how to perform simple magic tricks with items that could be found in their homes. James, who also performed at GVSU’s Sibs and Kids weekend last year, said the magic tricks performed at the show were among his favorites.

James said his favorite part of any show comes to interact with the participants.

“Throughout the show, brilliant students have come to try some mind-reading magic,” James said.

For those who enjoyed his show, they have James’ dad to thank for starting it all. On each show, James begins his number with the very first trick his father taught him as a child.

“My dad was an amateur magician and he introduced me to magic when I was 5,” James said.

So far this year, James has performed on over 60 college campuses. James said that at 23, he couldn’t think of a better time in his life to show his talent to students at their universities.

“That’s who the show is for,” James said.

James said those in attendance really enjoyed the final magic trick of the evening. Moments like this always make viewers wonder what is real and what isn’t.

“The best reactions seem to come from the end of the show, where we turn someone’s imagination into reality,” James said.

Regarding the importance of his profession in the current state of the world, James said that using entertainment like his as a means of escape has never been more important.

“I think entertainment is needed more than ever,” James said. “It is very important to be in touch with what is happening in our world, but everyone needs a little time.”

At a time when everyone is feeling a bit down, it’s important to keep your spirits up, which is why James keeps playing.

“Hopefully my show can be some kind of distraction,” James said. “I hope to bring some joy to people.”

The rest of Haunted Week at GVSU involved an interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show dance party at Lubbers Stadium on Wednesday, pumpkin decorating on Thursday, and a Hocus Pocus screening on the field on Friday. The university’s Halloween festivities ended on Saturday, October 31 with its Haunted Arboretum event.

Brian L. Hartfield