‘Virtually Impossible’ magic show, young artists on the February menu at Arbor Gallery

On February 12, master magician and mentalist Lawrence Larouche and his Majinx team present a fun and dynamic virtual show to raise funds for Arbor Gallery.

A seasoned magician, Larouche and his partner Cynthia Martin performed hundreds of shows a year across Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada, until the pandemic hit in 2020. Rising to the challenge, they developed and perfected online live presentations, breaking new ground with their show ‘Virtually Impossible’ – an interactive show that enchanted young and old alike with magic and telepathy.

As friends of the gallery, Majinx offered to use the show as a fundraiser.

“We wanted to help Galerie Arbor, which has been a staple in the community for years,” explains Larouche. “Art has always played a monumental role in my life and I believe it is an integral part of society. Without the arts, the world would be dark and dull.

‘Virtually Impossible’ is fully interactive, using the Zoom online platform, allowing the magician to interact with everyone in their audience. Even better, only one ticket per household is needed to attend the show.

“This is a totally live and interactive virtual event,” Larouche continues, “You’re not just watching the show – you’re in the show!”

Information about this fun fundraiser can be found on the Arbor Gallery Facebook page. Tickets are sold on Eventbrite and Larouche donates 50% of the proceeds to the gallery.

“We are very grateful to Lawrence and Cynthia for doing this,” said Sylvie Bouchard, Chair of the Arbor Gallery Board of Directors. “As a community-based arts organization, many of our activities are deliberately affordable or free. However, with COVID our income has dropped and we need the help of the community to keep us alive and thriving.

Young local artists delighted to show their works

Doors reopen on February 10 at the gallery, with a very special exhibition titled ‘On Your Mark’ – A creative arts performance by the students of Art and Dream Studio.

Curated by renowned local art teacher Stephanie Pete, the exhibition will feature artwork by her young students, ranging from portraiture to painting to illustration. This will give enthusiastic young artists a first chance to exhibit their work in a formal gallery.

“We are thrilled to present this exhibit,” says Bouchard. “We provide the space to help budding artists fuel the inner flame and continue to develop their art.”

Bouchard said the Arbor Gallery is looking for ways to further diversify to help future generations appreciate and pursue the arts.

“We would like to be a catalyst to help young artists explore the joy of creating and exhibiting their work,” said Bouchard. “We can achieve this with the help of philanthropy and charitable donations.”

The funds raised will allow the gallery to continue to present works of art and performances by a variety of artists, local and outside, as well as programming that makes art in all its forms accessible to the whole community,” Bouchard said.

The Arbor Gallery Cultural Center is located in the heart of Vankleek Hill, 36 Home Avenue and can be reached at [email protected] Information about the virtual magic show and ‘On Your Mark’ exhibition can be found on the gallery’s Facebook page. Gallery hours for February are Friday through Sunday, noon to 4 p.m. Public health measures are in place.

Master magician and mentalist Lawrence Larouche at work in his magical workshop. Photo submitted

‘On Your Mark’ – A creative arts performance by the students of Art and Dream Studio’ will be presented at the Arbor Gallery from February 10. Photo submitted

Brian L. Hartfield