World’s Most Dangerous Magic Show Starring Richard Cadell Comes to Wolverhampton

This Halloween prepare to be dazzled, petrified and stunned: the world’s most dangerous magic show X-TREME MAGIC arrives at the Wolverhampton Grand Theater on Monday 31st October with Richard Cadell giving audiences a taste of her stunning number at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre’s Pantomime 2018 Sleeping Beauty!

Produced by Shone Productions, it’s a modern spectacle of magic and illusion like you’ve never seen before – NO rabbits have come out of the hat on this tour, folks!

Created in Las Vegas and repeated over a two-year period, X-TREME MAGIC was designed to shock and move. With death-defying stunts, sensational stage illusions, daredevil escapism and mind-blowing magic, audiences will leave with their minds blown away for weeks.

Featuring master illusionist Richard Cadell, it will be joined by a full cast including Britain’s Got Talent winner – Richard Jones, from Penn & Teller’s ‘Fool Us’ – award-winning international quick-change artist John Archer – Solange Kardinaly, making his very first UK album – Internationally Renowned Manipulator – Arkadio José, as well as fire artists, specialist acts and dancers.

With a cast of the world’s most renowned illusionists and magicians, audiences across the country will be as amazed as they are terrified when they see motorcycles appear out of nowhere, attempts to escape from a straitjacket while hanging from a flaming rope, and Russian Roulette being played with sticks of Dynamite. You might just want to bring a cushion to hide behind!

Producer James Shone said: “I am delighted to be on the X-TREME MAGIC tour across the UK this autumn. The show premiered in Las Vegas and promises to be one of the best productions around. We have some of the greatest magicians and illusionists in the industry who all helped create a remarkable production. I’m sure you won’t want to miss it!”

This show is simply not to be missed!

Tickets for X-TREME MAGIC on Monday 31 October are on sale now at

Brian L. Hartfield