You won’t believe your eyes when these magicians take the stage in Tucson | Entertainment

Jasmine Shryock, the 16-year-old daughter of Tucson magicians John Shryock and Mari Lynn, is on the lineup for Saturday’s “Stars of Magic” show at the Berger Center.

Courtesy of John Shryock

After over a year of no abracadabras or now you see it, now you don’t, some of Tucson’s top magical talent are returning to the stage for the 33rd anniversary of a Tucson magical tradition.

the “Stars of Magic” from the Society of American Magicians returns to the Berger Center for the Performing Arts for a show on Saturday, October 23, featuring some of Tucson’s top magic talent.

Hometown’s Favorite Husband and Wife Team John Shryock and Mari Lynn lead the lineup which includes Adrian Van Vactor, Valerie Spell, Rod Robison, Mike Bekedam, Art Trillo, Dan MacInnis, Stephen Levine and Shryock’s teenage daughter Jasmine.

Magic is a Shryock family affair. Throughout her daughters’ lives — Jasmine is 16 and Hailey is 13 — the family has been doing magic together. Last week they were at the famous Los Angeles magic castlewhere the girls joined their parents for a closing act — the same act they’ll perform at the Stars of Magic on Saturday, Shryock said.

In addition to performing with her parents, Jasmine will also be getting some solo stage time at The Shepherd, 1200 W. Speedway on the Arizona Schools for the Deaf and Blind campus.

Brian L. Hartfield